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About This Website

I am Ian King and I have been running a website for Dolgellau since around 2000. My main site is as well as the facebook page

When I noticed that the domain of was made available again recently, I decided to build a new directory-style site,  based around a map of the area. This site can also be accessed via

I am trying to make this site as accurate as possible, so I am asking people to take a look around and correct/add any information they can. This can be your entry or any other pages. Please email any corrections to (or via Facebook) and I will change them ASAP.

I will also add any text in Welsh alongside the English version, as long as you email it to me.

Get On The Map

The information section is plotted on a map, which is linked to a fixed page entry. These are not just businesses but can be anything else I can find of interest, including old photographs and interesting buildings.

Free Things

I am trying do as much as I can FREE OF CHARGE, so I am including Google advertising and links to any accommodation that is listed on to recoup some of the costs.

I will add/replace information including; photos, telephone number, facebook, twitter for free (regardless if the entry is already on or not).

If You Are on

Any of the above ‘free things’ can be done, I am ONLY charging to change links to your own website.

If You’re NOT on

I will include the link to your OWN website for free.

Non-Accommodation Entries

All other directory entries including shops, dining etc., are free.

The Things I Charge For Links: Changing any links for accommodation that is on to your own site (to cover any lost affiliate commission and to help to pay for the upkeep). The fee to change the link to your own website is £40 per year (plus VAT),

Featured listings: The will be a few Featured Listing Slots. These are on a first-come, first-served basis. I can also mention any featured listings on the facebook page (as long as the page has some interesting information and photos). I also own run some other websites. If you pay for a featured listing, I will include your entry on any ones that are relevant for free.

I have FOUR spaces on the bottom section on this website that are displayed on EACH page. If you would like one of these spaces the fee is £80.00 per year (plus VAT). This includes your own page with information and photos and changing/adding all links to your own website. There may be a couple more spaces available on the sides of some of the pages at a reduced rate.

Other Websites I Run (Facebook (Facebook (Facebook @mawddach) (this is a new site)

Other Local Town Sites: